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Getting your ideas across – from concept to fruition

Alternate Title: Making your ideas happen – in five easy steps Printable version of Post Ideas » creativity » innovation Ideas are the force behind creativity – they usually begin with a concept. Innovation occurs when an idea is developed and the concept becomes a reality – i.e. it is brought to ‘fruition’ (I am … Continue reading »

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Ready or not, disruption is here – NOW!

Printable version of Post The word is ‘disruption’ The word is ‘disruption’ – something that is happening now in almost every industry and across every nation. There appear to be few, if any, barriers or borders to disruption. It has happened to me, and if it hasn’t yet happened to you, chances are that it … Continue reading »

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The difference between Creativity and Innovation

My previous post introduced a useful structure from Dr Lum Phui Yuen at ThinkingSphere to help us in the creativity process.  The process moves from generating ideas, to working out possible solutions, to developing a plan of action.  When the plan is executed, and we have an outcome, we have moved from creativity to innovation. … Continue reading »

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